Archery Shop

Straightline's Archery Shop

You train hard to perfect your shot, and your bow has to perform exactly as you need it to when it matters most. Our experienced technicians will get your bow operating at peak performance. Whether you need a full bow set up or a little fine-tuning, we'll make sure you stay on target with every shot.We also offer bow hunting licenses and permits. Contact us to learn more about permits.

Meet Our Archery Expert

Jonathan Almen

Jonathan is an avid outdoorsman who loves to bow hunt, fly fish and ice fish. He has worked at Cabela's in Minnesota for many years and has is very knowledgeable about all things archery.

Northwest Colorado's Only Full Service Archery Shop

The in-store Archery Techs at Straightline Sports offer expert-level services for beginners and veterans alike. Our full-service shop completely sets up new bows, revamps used ones, and does everything in-between.

Searching for Exceptional Archery Supplies?

Look no further than Straightline Sports in North West Colorado. We pride ourselves on carrying a variety of supplies and offering the largest selection of archery equipment in the area. Choose Straightline to make sure that you have all the bows, arrows, packs, apparel and expertise you've been looking for.Brands that we carry include (but are not limited to): Hoyt, Benchmade, Easton, Matthews, Mystery Ranch, Swarovski, Badlands, Sitka and Garmin.