Hoyt Ultra Rest RH - Black

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The Hoyt Ultra Rest features a Hoyt patented design for a zero-tolerance lock down on Hoyt bows. With the best of both worlds, the Hoyt Ultra Rest provides for total arrow capture to keep your arrow in place while in the stand or making a stalk, and complete drop away for an interference-free shot for maximum accuracy. Comes standard with multiple launchers for various arrow sizes.

With SMART-REST Technology, nock an arrow, cock the Hoyt Ultra Rest in the arrow capture position via the thumbwheel, then forget it. Even during slow let-down your arrow remains supported and fully captured until fired. At full draw, VELOCITY Drop Away Technology is activated. The Hoyt Ultra Rest knows to drop away only when the bow is fired, not when letting down. If the bow is let down slowly the launcher returns to the capture position keeping your arrow fully contained. If the bow is fired, the launcher drops away and bypasses the capture position, locking into the drop away position. This guarantees total fletching clearance and no bounce-back giving you the most accurate shot possible.