Scott Flex 864/4 Fly Rod: 8 6" 4WT

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Scott Flex fly rods were designed by taking the best qualities of the Meridian and Radian rods, combining them together, and at a much lower price. Scott Flex rods are the lightest, easiest to cast, highest performing rods in this price range. This Scott Flex 8'6" 4wt is the perfect all purpose trout rod for small to mid size rivers and streams.The Flex 4wt performs beautifully presenting dry flies and swinging nymphs and streamers through deep pools.This versatile 4wt will handle almost any situation for small to medium size trout.

The Scott Flex rod is so light in the hand and casts almost effortlessly. Flex rods have a medium-fast action that is a pleasure to cast. It is the perfect balance between easy casting 'forgiveness' and a fast recovery to throw tight loops with ease. The powerful butt section provides quick, positive hook sets and helps you control the fish, rather than the other way around. The Scott Flex rod is one of the best performance values in fly fishing, and one of the most enjoyable rods you will ever fish!