Scott Radian 1005/4 Fly Rod: 100, 5wt

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The Scott Radian 10'0" 5wt fly rod excels as an all purpose, go-to rod for trout.
This 5wt is ideal for most trout situations, from presenting dry flies, to nymphing, to tossing small streamers and poppers. The additional length increases casting distance making it ideal for fishing from a boat or kayak. The Scott Radian 10'0" 5wt is a blast fishing smallmouth bass, too! If you're in the market for a longer premium 5wt rod, pick up and cast the Scott Radian 5wt. This is the sweetest casting 5wt on the market.
Scott Radian fly rods are a beautiful combination of a fast action taper and feel in a fly fishing rod. A number of features and technologies are at work in the Radian series of fly rods to make it one of the finest freshwater fly rods on the market. ReAct Technology is at the heart of this new level of performance. ReAct combines Scott??s X-CoreTechnology with a group of complex materials and tapers to create a rod blank that minimizes unwanted vibrations and improves line feel.
It??s a new level of performance in a fast action fly rod: fast action capabilities with amazing line feel. Distance is no issue, the touch for close casts is supremely good and the reserve power when you need it to cover ground is there. Beyond just an incredible blank, even the guides on Scott Radian fly rods are all about premium performance with titanium framed SiC stripping guides and self-lubricating universal snake guides. There??s plenty of technology to read about, but when it comes down to it, the Scott Radian fly rods are simply incredible fly fishing rods.